Trevor Allen

MacOS X Programmer

Trevor started programming almost a decade ago and hopped on board a project Leeor was begging for help on. It didn't take long for Trevor to demonstrate that he had a talent for picking up new skills and finding solutions to difficult problems.

He has been instrumental in designing much of the core code for NAS2D and several other LairWorks projects. His current day job prevents him from spending too much time playing code monkey but he always manages to find the time to develop the MacOS X ports of LairWorks titles and find obscure bugs that everybody else misses.

Leeor Dicker

Lead Programmer, Project Manager

Leeor started programming from a very early age back in the days of DOS and QBasic. He has since been able to master the art of obfuscated and needlessly complicated code that somehow works. His tasks usually involve designing and programming the toolchain software, middleware for most of the LairWorks titles and chasing after everybody to make sure they get their work done on time.

When he's not busy making life miserable for the other developers you can find him playing video games, tearing apart cars or cooking.

Tom Miller

Designer & Writer

Tom started recently with LairWorks and helps to create some of the wickedly clever designs you'll find in LairWorks titles.

Tony Montella

Artist & Composer

Also a new recruit, Tony's responsibilities include drawing crude stick figures with chalk and occasionally pretending to play the piano. His distinctive art style has proven to be a great asset to LairWorks and adds his unique touch to the games that are produced.